Artificial Intelligence provides a tremendous opportunity to influence,
even when we’re not a part of, or aware of, the situation.
If properly executed, it’s nothing short of artwork. 
Yet, who's monitoring and managing the behavioral shifts
taking place as a result of these crafty interactions? 


Who's your influence architect?


Your Human & Machine Behavioral Alignment Platform

At the forefront of the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, we are thrilled to unveil the development of a groundbreaking solution that empowers organizations to understand, align, and track the behavioral impact of their AI initiatives.


Welcome to fluXiveTM, where artificial influence meets visible effort, transforming how you perceive and harness the power of artificial intelligence.

AI is not just about the algorithms; it's about understanding and planning for the human side of technology adoption. fluXiveTM is designed to bridge the business gap between humans and machines, cultivating artificial influence and managing behavioral consequences.


Here's why we're developing it and you will need it:


Unprecedented Visibility

Gain unprecedented visibility into how AI is influencing behavior across departments. fluXiveTM will provide a comprehensive organizational dashboard that visualizes the alignment of initiatives to empower decision-makers with actionable insights.


Fine-Tuned Analysis

Move beyond traditional KPIs. fluXiveTM employs organizational traceability to dissect user interactions, enabling you to discern patterns, identify bottlenecks, and optimize human workgroups and machine implementations for maximum efficiency.


Business-Centric Approach

By adopting a business-centric approach, fluXiveTM helps you align collaborative intelligence efforts with external expectations, ensuring enhanced productivity in support of complete satisfaction.


Adaptive Learning

As your organization evolves, so does fluXiveTM. The adaptive learning capabilities of our software continuously refine and optimize your linked behavioral tracking, staying in sync with the ever-changing dynamics of your own unique influential ecosystem.